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i dig

i could smoke some bad guys to this. i think it would be a better final level on the way to the boss theme tho. the boss fights i like the best are the ones with epic music that fires you up.

camoshark responds:

Yeah, you're probably right, it feels more like a castle or something...
Anyways, thanks for the review!

Samuel Hébert

long live dixieland

the genera almost dead but i love it any how.
solid track. i would love to hear some banjo chords on 2 and 4 and some fast strums when you do that piano run twords the end. but thats just my banjo fetish kicking in.

camoshark responds:

Lol thanks, the original version actually HAD a guitar playing on 2 and 4, but I took it off when I added the Honky-Tonk...
Thanks for the awesome review!

Samuel Hébert

thats what im talking about

here are some notes i took while listening
-Kool intro
-I dig the progression
-Solid initial build
-Lets see if it keeps my attention
-Interesting polyphonic contrast
-Nice homophonic melodies
-Break it down XD
-Good melodies
-It has a nice groove to it, not too bubble gum and not too hot sauce.
-Almost dropped my attention but you saved it

Maby work on an ending but it is sick as is. also think about putting some contrast at the 2/3rds point of the song. The human brain likes that interval. Im just nit picking tho. Seriously man great job. its not often that you find a kick ass final product on this site.

MacMelto responds:

thanks for the feedback dude. Seriously some great advice here. This is really just the first draft so I'll take this review to heart when i'm editing.

not bad

-It's raw, less raw than most tho.
-Vocal rhythms aren't quite on
-The supporting vocal is pretty good but take the volume down
-One point someone spiked the mic, I think that you could do the blowing thing without spiking it.
-Lyrics are pretty good just work on the rhythm and articulating more with the rapping.
-Idk if you wanted the vocals at the end to be off pitch. Its interesting but its a little pitchy.

That being said, it's a pretty good track. The background track is sick. You could probably work on some form make a hook or something and make it more formal in the formatting. It has a lot of potential to be wicked. Just like I said before the biggest thing that would help is articulating better on your rhythms while rapping, especially on the consonants.

i can dig it

It's a great song. The vocal melody is pretty sick. You might consider another instrumental solo with more synth in addition to the guitar one and more of a build for the intro. The background track is pretty sick. Also the vocal rhythms are a little off sometimes. Over all it's a good song and I would defiantly listen to it in my free time. O ya another thing is you could probably make it a little more trance and have the energy levels have lager flux.

AisareneMusic responds:

I am a vocalist/lyricist, the producer of this track is Xayro Seversky. I call him my musical alter-ego, so generally our ideas fuse and blend and turn out the way we want them. I have heard a few comments about the vocals being slightly off. However, without a professional studio, the song cannot have completely perfect elements. It's also meant to be a rave/dance track...a trance remix would be interesting though...might have to look into that. Thanks for the review!

i dig, keep going.

I like the groove you got
You could defiantly do a lot with this.
The bass riff towards the end is sick.
It isn't a finished product (unless you want to make a video game loop) but you can defiantly apply it to many different things. Keep going, it has potential to be AWSOME.

cornbread99 responds:

thanks for the reveiw!

good start, keep goin

Good start man. You don't hear very much of this type of stuff. It's pretty kool and crazy the way it is but there is a lot of room to modify it. You could make it mettle, you could make it longer, you could make it dance music, you could add some more instrumental lines to it, you could make it into a video game loop. The possibilities are endless.

soooo much potential!

Nice diminished on intro
Progression is sick for intro
The phrasing of the lyrics is really good feels natural.
Solo feels orgasmic make it longer
Did you double the vocal part? If so why didn't you do any harmonies?

The song is damn good the way it is now but if you want to take it to the "why isn't this guy signed" level put a rock band behind it and give it some harmonies. Do that and you have a hit.

great start

Tempo is iffy during intro
I like the initial riff
Ending was good
Progression works pretty well
I would like to hear some lyrics in there.
Would sound awesome with rock instrumentation
You could probably add another progression in there to make it longer.
It's a great start. It has potential so keep going

want more

-Good build
-Good use of synth timbre
-Nice production value
-Wonderful vibe to the song
-It is pretty short though and doesn't really have much of a form.
-If you work with It, maybe add some lyrics, then you quite possibly would have a Kick ASS song on your hands.

music = my life nuff said.




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