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i dig

i could smoke some bad guys to this. i think it would be a better final level on the way to the boss theme tho. the boss fights i like the best are the ones with epic music that fires you up.

camoshark responds:

Yeah, you're probably right, it feels more like a castle or something...
Anyways, thanks for the review!

Samuel Hébert

long live dixieland

the genera almost dead but i love it any how.
solid track. i would love to hear some banjo chords on 2 and 4 and some fast strums when you do that piano run twords the end. but thats just my banjo fetish kicking in.

camoshark responds:

Lol thanks, the original version actually HAD a guitar playing on 2 and 4, but I took it off when I added the Honky-Tonk...
Thanks for the awesome review!

Samuel Hébert

thats what im talking about

here are some notes i took while listening
-Kool intro
-I dig the progression
-Solid initial build
-Lets see if it keeps my attention
-Interesting polyphonic contrast
-Nice homophonic melodies
-Break it down XD
-Good melodies
-It has a nice groove to it, not too bubble gum and not too hot sauce.
-Almost dropped my attention but you saved it

Maby work on an ending but it is sick as is. also think about putting some contrast at the 2/3rds point of the song. The human brain likes that interval. Im just nit picking tho. Seriously man great job. its not often that you find a kick ass final product on this site.

MacMelto responds:

thanks for the feedback dude. Seriously some great advice here. This is really just the first draft so I'll take this review to heart when i'm editing.

i can dig it

It's a great song. The vocal melody is pretty sick. You might consider another instrumental solo with more synth in addition to the guitar one and more of a build for the intro. The background track is pretty sick. Also the vocal rhythms are a little off sometimes. Over all it's a good song and I would defiantly listen to it in my free time. O ya another thing is you could probably make it a little more trance and have the energy levels have lager flux.

AisareneMusic responds:

I am a vocalist/lyricist, the producer of this track is Xayro Seversky. I call him my musical alter-ego, so generally our ideas fuse and blend and turn out the way we want them. I have heard a few comments about the vocals being slightly off. However, without a professional studio, the song cannot have completely perfect elements. It's also meant to be a rave/dance track...a trance remix would be interesting though...might have to look into that. Thanks for the review!

i dig, keep going.

I like the groove you got
You could defiantly do a lot with this.
The bass riff towards the end is sick.
It isn't a finished product (unless you want to make a video game loop) but you can defiantly apply it to many different things. Keep going, it has potential to be AWSOME.

cornbread99 responds:

thanks for the reveiw!

music = my life nuff said.




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